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Finally, a great place to gather and learn Spanish quickly and in the privacy of your own home!

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My name is Jeffrey,

Over the past 5 years I have been living in Mexico and studying Spanish on a daily basis. I watch TV in Spanish, I listen to the radio in Spanish and I talk to friends and neighbors everyday in Spanish. Also, after 2 years of labor, I just finished a complete movie script, written in SPANISH.

I was once a non-Spanish speaking "Gringo" that could barely communicate with basic phrases, but now I speak and understand Spanish with confidence and ease. During this process of self-education, I developed a "Rapid Fluency Strategy" to help myself break out of the beginning levels of Spanish that most people find themselves stuck in forever.

I recently formed the Online-Spanish-Learning-Center to help others overcome this "beginners Spanish" hurdle and drastically shorten the learning curve.

Imagine then what the Online-Spanish-Learning-Center could do for you. We have, live member chat, (for practicing and communicating with other members), LIVE training lessons, Weekly Radio Shows (where you get to listen to native born speakers discussing various topics, speaking slowly and clearly) and my unique "Rapid Fluency Strategy" which I designed so that I could master the spoken language as quickly as possible.

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Here is how it works...

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You Get

Jeffrey's Intensive Spanish Training Master Course

Live Weekly 1 Hour Training Webinars

You Will Learn
  • 1)  The Ten Key Verbs That Control The Spanish Language
  • 2)  The 100 best ways to start a sentence
  • 3)  The 300 most important verbs for fluency
  • 4)  The 25 important sentence structures
  • 5)  Lots of slang and idomatic usage

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